Wedding/Off Premise Catering

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Brushetta $2/ person
Shrimp Cocktail $5/ person
Risotto Bites $3/person
Fried Meatballs $2.5/ person
Toasted Ravioli $2/person
Crudite' (veg, cheeses, and fruit) $6/person

Dinner Menu

$15 (includes heavy duty plastic plates and silverware)

Mixed greens salad w/ house dressing
Rolls and Butter
Choice of Sausage and Peppers or Meatballs
Italian Greens
Pasta w/ Red Sauce
Sub Alfredo sauce $1.5 /person
Sub Hats and Broccoli $3/person
Sub Vodka Riggies $ 2 /person
Choice of Chicken ( Baked, Chicken Riggies, or Chicken Caccatiore)
Sub Chicken Francaise $3/person
Sub Chicken Marsala $2/person
Add Roasted Potatoes $1.5/person
Add Eggplant $2/person
Coffee/Tea $2/ person

We can also customize any menu for any occasion!

Prices do not include tax and delivery fee.

Servers are available at rate of $10.5/ hour plus gratuity
Pricing for Wedding Servers varies.

Bar Services

3 hour open bar with Beer and Wine $15 includes coffee, soda and bottled water.

Bartenders rate is $10/hr plus gratuity